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How to Factory Reset your iPhone

Resetting an iPhone becomes necessary before selling the smartphone or for resolving a particular error code. Moreover, if you delete…

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How to Switch from a Local to Microsoft Account?

Windows-10 offers two sign-in methods. You can either use your local account to sign in and use its features or…

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How to Check whether an Executable File is Safe or not?

An executable (.exe) file is a file or program that is executable by Microsoft Windows operating systems. However, people often…

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How to Check the Bandwidth of your Internet Connection

Whether you want to use some content streaming platform or video game digital distribution service, a reliable internet connection is…

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How to Clear Cookies and Cache in Browsers

In numerous troubleshooting scenarios, users are required to clear cookies and browser cache in order to fix website problems and…

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How to Perform an In-place Upgrade using Media Creation Tool

An in-place upgrade is necessary when a user doesn’t want to or cannot upgrade his system via the ‘Update &…

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