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Tinder not Connecting to Instagram – Explained and Fixed

Tinder refuses to connect to Instagram if either:

  • The IG account was already used in another Tinder profile before,
  • A Technical issue in the linking of both applications,
  • Or there is a genuine outage from either of the companies

This has been a recurring issue since 2015 and most of them are linked to either of the two cases. Users face this issue either when being stuck in a verification loop between the two applications or with the following error messages:

Oops! Something went wrong
Can’t connect to Instagram
We’re currently unable to connect your Instagram account. Please try again.

Can't connect to Instagram
Can’t connect to Instagram

Use cases

  • When users try to log into IG through Tinder, IG thinks of this request as a suspicious login and sends a code to the registered phone address. When the user enters the code, he is then redirected to the Feed. Nothing happens beyond this point. This is also called a verification loop.
  • The Instagram account automatically unlinks with Tinder. When trying to login again, Tinder redirects the user to IG and then nothing happens.

How to Fix Instagram not connecting to Tinder?


Before we move on to solutions, make sure that you understand that Tinder doesn’t support multiple photos on Instagram. If you have more than one picture/video in a post, it will not be shown altogether. This fact caters to the majority of issues of Instagram posts not being visible on Tinder.

Multiple vs Single images in Instagram (IG)
Multiple vs Single images in Instagram (IG)

Hence if you notice your IG on Tinder not displaying any posts, make sure that you have single-image posts in your profile as only they will be picked up. Posts will multiple images will not be loaded by Tinder. You can follow the conversation of a Redditor here for a better idea as well.

1. Unlinking Tinder from Instagram and Linking again

This solution specifically targets two scenarios:

  • You are trying to log into Instagram from a different Tinder account. Either deleted your previous account or made a new one.
  • Your IG account was automatically disconnected or logged out from Tinder.

In this solution, we will log into your Instagram account from a browser. Then we will go to your managed applications and unlink Tinder from there. This will sever the existing link which wasn’t letting you log in before.

  1. Navigate to Instagram’s Desktop site and enter your credentials.
  2. Now, click on your profile-logo present on the top-right side of the screen and click on Settings.

    Instagram Settings from Desktop Site
    Instagram Settings from Desktop Site
  3. Now, click on Apps and Websites from the left pane. On the right, you will see all Active ones that are linked to your account. Find Tinder from the list and click on Remove.

    Removing Tinder from IG Apps and Websites
    Removing Tinder from IG Apps and Websites
  4. Relog into your Tinder account and try linking to Instagram again. See if this does the trick.

2. Using Tinder on Desktop

Tinder apparently has a glitch where connecting to Instagram doesn’t work through the mobile application. However, if we attempt it using the Desktop app, the connection is mostly successful. This solution also targets both scenarios mentioned in Solution 1.

Before proceeding, make sure that you unlink the existing Tinder connection from your IG account as mentioned in the previous solution.

  1. Navigate to Tinder’s Web Version and log in using your credentials.
  2. Click on your profile on the top-left side of the screen. Next, click on Edit Info at the right pane.

    Editing Profile in Tinder
    Editing Profile in Tinder
  3. Next, scroll down and click on Connect Instagram under the option of ‘Show my Instagram Photos’.

    Connecting Instagram through Tinder Web
    Connecting Instagram through Tinder Web
  4. Follow the next steps when you are redirected and hopefully you will be able to link IG to Tinder.

3. Creating a new Tinder Profile

Another workaround that worked for some users was to create a new Tinder profile completely. This reinitializes all the linkages from scratch. Here, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Unlink Tinder from Instagram as shown in Solution 1.
  2. Next, create a new account on Tinder. You can also consider deleting your current one.
  3. Try linking IG now and complete all the verification steps.

4. Wait it out

If there is some Technical issue

If none of the above solutions work and you are still stuck in the loop or not able to log in at all, then it probably means there is a genuine outage or disruption of services.

As seen here on Reddit, this can happen quite often but it is usually fixed within a few hours. You can check back again.


If this issue is happening for quite a while and you still cannot connect your Instagram to a new account as well, then try linking a friend’s account. This will help isolate whether the issue is with your account or with Tinder itself.

You can also contact Tinder Support.

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