Volume not Working in Roku Remote [Fixed]

After the 10th update, Roku users reported that they were unable to control the volume of their devices or TVs. Engineers at Roku have publically acknowledged this bug and directed some workarounds to mitigate the issue. However, it should be noted that the volume not working in Roku isn’t specific to this update only.

In some cases, the issue is random and re-appears after a while. This might also occur if you are connecting your Roku to your TV set for the first time.

In a nutshell, the volume in Roku doesn’t work due to incompatibility between software versions of the remote and the device. Also, if your TV doesn’t support the CEC of the Roku device, it won’t be able to communicate fully and the volume module will be left out.

Types of Remotes

There are two types of Roku remotes:

  • Infrared remote
  • Enhanced remote

The benefit of the enhanced remote is you can point it anywhere and use it. In comparison, the infrared remote has to be pointed at the Roku module in a clear line of sight. If you are experiencing an issue with an infrared remote, try changing your batteries. In the case of enhanced remote, follow the steps below.

What are the Causes?

Here are some of the most common causes of why the volume doesn’t work from your Roku remote.

Bad Software UpdateThe 10th software update was known to break the volumes module.
Internal modules in error stateThere are also cases where the internal modules in your Roku remote are in an error state. When this is the case, they don't communicate properly and hence issues like this one arise.
Option to control Volume disabledThere is a specific option in your remote settings to control the volume of the TV. Having this disabled can remove the functionality to control sound.
Old BatteriesIf the remote doesn't have enough juice to power its communication, it will miss out on some modules; like the volume adjustment in this case.

How to Fix Volume not working in Roku Remote?

Here are our findings on how to fix the problem. Start with the first one and work your way down accordingly. Not all of them might apply to you.

1. Updating & Setting up Remote for TV

The software version 10 broke the Roku remote’s module of volume control. This was a known problem and after a while, a software update was released to fix the problem. Even though we still got reports of some users where volume wasn’t working, the majority of the users found the problem solved after the latest fix.

Follow the steps to perform the update:

  1. Navigate to Settings and then click on System.
  2. Next, select System update and then click Check Now.
  3. If there is an update present, you will be asked to confirm the update by clicking on the dialogue box.

After the update has been installed, restart your TV system, and wait for a few minutes. Now, we will set up the Roku remote to control the TV.

  1. Navigate back to Settings and click Remotes & Devices.
  2. Select Remotes and click on your remote.
  3. Now click Set up the remote for TV control.

    Setting up Remote for TV
    Setting up Remote for TV
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

    Remote connected to TV
    Remote connected to the TV
  5. You should be able to use the volume now if the issue was regarding the software bug.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. You should be able to use the volume now if the issue was regarding the software bug.

2. Re-programming the Remote for TV

Another quick workaround is to re-program your remote to work with your TV. There are numerous cases where the remote that is currently connected to the TV has some settings in an error state. Here, recalibrating the remote to work with your TV might fix the problem.

  1. Navigate to Settings and then click on Remote & Devices.
  2. Select Remote and then select the remote that you are using.
  3. Now, click Program TV and recalibrate/reprogram the remote. See if this fixes the problem.

3. Power cycling Remote + Roku

The first thing to try is power cycling your remote. Sometimes the modules in your remote may go into an error state. Because of this, they might not communicate properly and you will experience issues with modules such as Volume one.

In this case, simply power cycling the remote will solve the problem. During the process, all the modules in the remote are restarted and temporary data stored in them is removed. When they start fresh, they can re-initialize everything.

  1. Take out the batteries from your Roku remote.
  2. Now press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Also, unplug your Roku device.
  3. After waiting for a minute, plug everything back in and check if the issue is resolved.

4. Resetting Enhanced Remote

In the case of an Infrared remote, you only need to power-cycle your remote. In the case of an enhanced remote, you should consider performing a reset to clear out any misconfigurations. Do note that you might have to repair your remote again.

  1. Perform the power-cycling procedure and then open Roku.
  2. When the home screen appears, press and hold the reset button present in the battery section of the remote for 10 seconds.

    Resetting Roku Remote
    Resetting Roku Remote
  3. A pairing process will start and the pairing light will start flashing. After the pairing process is complete, check if the issue is resolved.

5. Checking for Batteries Health

Another thing to make sure of is that your batteries are in good health. There are numerous instances where weaker batteries might make other parts of the remote work but the volume button doesn’t. There is only one way to confirm and that is to replace the pair with a pack of new ones.

Replacing batteries in Roku
Replacing batteries in Roku

After changing your battery, restart your TV and check if the issue is resolved.

6. Permission to control TV volume

Another quick thing to check is whether you have permission to control the TV volume. This is specific to some TV models where you have to explicitly grant permission to control the TV volume.

  1. Navigate to Settings and Remotes.
  2. Now, if your model has the option to enable volume buttons to work for the TV.
  3. If it has, enable it, restart the system and see if this solves the problem.

7. Making sure CEC is Enabled

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a mechanism in TV systems that has the option to block any commands from third-party electronics to change the current state of the TV.

CEC option in Vizio
CEC option in Vizio

In simpler words, Roku is considered a consumer electronic device plugged into the TV. If your TV has an option that restricts the consumer electronics from changing its state (like the volume), the TV will not be responsive to your commands.

Here, is a Roku Support Article explaining more about CECs and how to enable them.

8. Resetting Audio Reciever

Some TV devices have audio receivers in their systems. These receivers play the role of correctly intercepting the audio and routing them properly to proper audio channels. They also control the surround systems like Home Theatre or Dolby Surround.

Audio Reciever
Audio Reciever

If you are using such a system, consider hard resetting your Audio Receiver and see if this solves the problem. We came across numerous users and this solved the problem.

Workarounds when nothing Works

If none of the above methods worked for you in restoring the volume control functionality, you can attempt the following workarounds. They are not ‘fixes’ but will help you work around the issue and control the volume on your TV.

1. Use the Roku App

Roku also has a mobile application that can be used as a remote to control Roku. According to our testing, it has decent speed and can perform all the functionalities that are present in the remote. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Roku Remote Application
Roku Remote Application

Here, if your remote isn’t getting fixed, you can download this application, log in using your credentials, and control Roku from here. Take a detailed look at Roku’s official mobile app.

2. Reinstall Roku App

This is applicable only when your Roku application isn’t working as well or is glitched out. A simple workaround for this is to reinstall the application. This will replace all the corrupt modules and replace them with a fresh copy from the servers. Make sure you have your login information at hand as you will be required to input it.

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