How to Boost Your Tinder Matches Instantly

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In order to boost your Tinder matches, we need to take a look at Tinder itself. Tinder, like most dating apps, relies heavily on first impressions. This means your whole essence will be judged at just one glance. This can be anxiety-inducing for many users since gathering one person’s essence on just one page is quite challenging, but more so when even after spending a long time on details and pictures, matches are not readily coming their way. Tinder, like other social media apps, has an algorithm that it runs by; the more your profile meets its preferred style, the better your profile will be ranked and shown to other users.

checking the tinder questionare to figure out algorithm to boost your tinder matches
Tinder Profile Prompts

Boost Your Tinder Matches Instantly – Tips and Tricks

This guide will explore all possible tips and tricks gathered from forums and threads to make your Tinder profile the best.

Don’t Excessively Swipe Right

When you first make an account, you tend to get more matches that over time reduce. This is because the algorithm regards you as a highly-ranked user at first, but the more failed matches you have the lower you get ranked. This causes the lack of matches as users are not showing up on the feed anymore. To work around this, try not to swipe right on profiles more than 40% of the time. Keep your swipe right and left ratio at least 60/40, if not 50/50.

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Change up the age and distance range

You can cast a wider net for possible matches by increasing your distance radius and your age restrictions. This is a practice used by many users, so it’s important to reconfirm ages with people you connect with if you change your age and distance ranges. You can do this by going to Settings.

change age and distance range in order to boost your tinder macthes
Age and Distance ranges

Reset Tinder

For a boost, you can try deleting your account and trying again from a new account. This time make sure to take the newcomer’s boost into consideration and use it well.

  1. Go to Tinder Settings.
  2. Select Delete Account.

    Reset your Tinder account to boost your tinder matches
    Delete Account
  3. Delete the App.
  4. Go to Facebook Settings, and then Apps.

    you will need to unlink facebook from tinder
    Apps and websites
  5. Find Tinder in the list and Delete it.

     remove tinder from facebook
    Active Apps on Facebook
  6. Create a new Facebook account.
  7. Redownload Tinder, make a new account and link it to your Facebook.

Use Tinder on Calculated Intervals

Usually, the first profile shown to you after you open the app is of someone that hasn’t viewed your profile yet or has swiped left. The second one is someone that has swiped right on you. The trick is to open the app, swipe right on the first two profiles that you come across, and then close the app and refresh. This will make your matches go up and give you a better overall ranking.

Link your Social Media Accounts

You can link your Instagram and Snapchat to ur profile, and let people know you’re up for talking on those apps. This makes it easier for people to contact you without having to wait for the algorithm to run its course. Similarly, you can engage with users that have expressed their desire to engage on other apps in their bios.

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Pay for boosts or Tinder Gold/Premium

Tinder boosts basically move your profile to the top for 30 minutes. This is really useful as most Tinder users use the app for just a few swipes on their way to work or before bed. Boosts let you pop up in those time periods and you have a greater chance of matching with someone.

You can also pay for Tinder Gold, which lets you send 5 super likes a week, and Tinder Platinum, which lets you send 5 super likes a day. Super likes make your profile a priority for the person you have super liked.

Boost your tinder matches by getting tinder gold or platinum
Tinder tiers

Case Study

If these tips were not enough, we are now going to examine a case study from the real world. The participant in this case study has claimed he has had a lot of success in his Tinder career. We will examine every point he made in detail. In this case, you are a man, looking to increase your matches.

Do Not Let A Woman Make Your Profile

Do not let a woman make your profile. As the famous saying goes, would you ask a fish how to get caught, or a fisherman how to catch fish? Women think they know what they want, the super nice approachable guy, but rarely anyone knows what they are subconsciously attracted to.

No matter what new-age nice guy literature will tell you, it does not work that way. The case study claims that through his many years of experience, he has learned that you have to be a decent person, but first, we have to draw them in.

The First Picture

Your first picture should communicate excitement, adventure, and mystery. The main purpose of your first picture is to make them look at your other pictures. It is supposed to make you look interesting, and fun.

  • Enchanted Forest Trek
  • Hot Air Balloon Sunrise
  • Hidden Cave Discovery
  • Cosmic Night Sky Camping
  • Urban Rooftop Exploration

These are just some examples that are known for their exciting nature. You can go another way as well.

The Douche

Anyone who has ever told you that a shirtless picture of your abs will never work has never had abs in the first place. Showing off the body that you have worked on has many benefits.

  • It shows the women that you are disciplined.
  • It also reassures them that you can take care of them you and yourself.
  • They like it, who does not?

Yes, the first thing that will pop up in their mind is that you are a douche, but she will keep exploring your profile.

The Curveball

This is gonna change things up. A baby picture. Now you are the adventurous guy, who works out and does well with babies. You are already sounding like a dreamboat. Make sure you let them know the baby is not yours though.

The Cheating

Yes, it’s time to cheat. Post a picture with your pet if you have one, preferably a dog. It makes you look a lot more attractive, cute, and approachable.

The Bio

Make sure it’s not long, it should be short and sweet. Also make sure it is humourous, since a sense of humor is one of the most important things in a partner.

For example: “I’m not up for prolonged texting exchanges. If our initial chat catches my attention, I’ll definitely suggest meeting up. If not, let’s just say, a little intrigue goes a long way. Ready to spark some engaging conversations?”

This shows that your time is valuable, and you don’t have time to text for weeks and weeks, without seeing any progress. This is as it should be as well, your time is far too valuable to remain engaged for so long.

Final Words

It can be very challenging to not receive the number of matches you expect after putting yourself out there, that is exactly why we have explained the Tinder algorithm in detail and offered some ways you can override the strict algorithm and boost your Tinder matches. You can also take a look at some related reads below.

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