Team at Computer Verge


Our Team consists of veterans in the IT and Computer Science industries who impart their knowledge in a meaningful way and are passionate about their fields. Our professional staff includes:

  • Researchers
  • Technical Writers
  • Editors
  • Computer Scientists
  • DevOps Personnel
  • Enthusiasts

If you would like to be part of our autonomous, collaborative, and motivated family, feel free to drop a mail at [email protected]

Shaheer Asif
Engineering Team Lead

Shaheer Asif is leading the Technical department of Computer Verge. He has over a decade of experience in Application Development and Operating systems. Shaheer is an artist at heart and loves designing components and graphics as his hobby.

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Raheel Ahmed
IT Engineer

Raheel has been in the IT scene for 6 years. He has an MSc in IT and BSc in Computer Sciences. If he is not writing about the latest technology trends, he will probably be tweaking Computer Hardware at his own store. 

Hamdan Qureshi
Technical Writer

Hamdan is a Computer Engineer and is usually coding all day to create custom web applications. If he is not coding, you'll find him surfing the latest tech applications and fixing bugs on his own. 

Wajiha Obaid
Technical Writer

With over 4 years of experience as a Technical Writer / Engineer, Wajiha is one of the senior-most Authors at Computer Verge. She is a Computer Scientist and currently pursuing an MSc in Project Management. 

Talha Saeed
Computer Scientist

Talha is a BSCS graduate and is a complete technology nerd. He specializes in Windows and macOS troubleshooting and has been researching various frameworks and assembly lines. He is also an avid gamer and a part of the PC Master Race. 

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