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How to see how many Friends you have on Snapchat

Friends are the people on Snapchat you chat with, share your short videos, video call, and send your stories to. Unlike other social media apps, Snapchat doesn’t show you your friends’ count easily. It is not shown on your own profile but there is a method we can use to see how many friends we have on Snapchat.

In this article, we are going to see a detailed method to show the count of how many friends one has on Snapchat on both Android and IOS devices.

  1. Select the Map icon from the bottom bar of Snapchat. It is generally located on the bottom-left side of the screen.
    Note: You will be asked to turn on your mobile location if it is not turned on already.
  2. Once you have turned on your mobile location, tap the Settings for the top right of the screen.Snapchat Map Settings
  3. Your default setting should be either ‘Ghost Mode‘, which means that you are not sharing your location with anyone; or ‘My friends‘, which means that you are sharing your current location with everyone on your friend list.
  4. Next, Tap on Only these friends …

    Tap on Only these friends – Snapchat
  5. Here, scroll to the bottom and tap on Select all to select all the friends you have.

    Select all friends – Snapchat map
  6. Once all contacts are selected, tap Save.
  7. Navigate to your Snapchat profile by selecting your bitmoji generally located on the top left of Snapchat.

    Tapping on Bitmoji – Snapchat
  8. Scroll to the very bottom of the Snap Map Section.
  9. Here your location will be shown on a mini-map and under it, there should be a text reading “Sharing location with x friends.”

    Here x is the number of friends you have on your Snapchat account, in my case I had 1 friend so my text said “Sharing location with 1 friend.

    Total number of friends – Snapchat

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