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Reddit Error 403 (Forbidden) – How To Fix It

The Complete Guide for Reddit Error 403

Reddit Error 403 basically indicates that your access has been denied to the requested page. Unlike the We had some trouble getting to Reddit Error, Error 403 shows up when your request to access the material is understood but rejected. This usually means you have been placed under a ban.

Reddit Error 403 Page
Reddit 403 Error

We understand just how irritable it can be to suddenly be faced with an unknown error in the middle of scrolling through some engaging content. That’s exactly why we have simple solutions demonstrated step-by-step below to help you swiftly get back to browsing on Reddit.


  • Reddit Error 403 is an indication that you are forbidden, i.e. your access has been revoked, from Reddit.
  • It is mainly caused by spamming, violating rules, or trying to access restricted content.
  • In order to fix this error you can try disabling the VPN as they may be causing interferences. You can do this from Windows settings.
  • At times you are simply shadowbanned and you can check this by searching your account up externally and seeing if it’s visible. Then you should message the administrator to unban your account
  • Your site cookies and javascript should be enabled on your browser. You can go to Browser settings Privacy and Security to switch them on in order for the error to subside
  • Switching your browser can also fix this problem in some cases
  • In the case of the Application, try reinstalling the application to get rid of any bugs that might be the cause of this error.
  • The rate limit might be exceeded and for this, all you can do is wait until the rate limit API resets.

Causes of Reddit Error 403

In order to properly understand why your access was revoked and you were placed under a ban let’s look into the underlying reasons behind this error below.

Alarming Activity

Reddit tends to ban your account if any content regulations are violated. These include spamming comments or even posting the same comment multiple times. These violations are alarming and due to set rules, your account is banned automatically.

Rate Limit Malfunction

Similarly, Rate limits being exceeded could be a potential reason. API limits are preset and if exceeded then your account could be blocked for a while until the limit resets.

Suspicious Activity

Your account could’ve been flagged as a bot. Usually rapidly logging in to different devices can set this off or any behavior that is not exhibited by a normal user.

Restricted Access

You may be trying to access some sections of Reddit that require you to meet some necessary requirements and not meeting them might lead to the 403 Error page.

Violation of Reddit Guidelines

Reddit has strict rules regarding content restrictions and guidelines and upon violation of these terms, you can receive a 403 Error.

IP Address blacklisted

Your IP address or user agent may have been blacklisted by Reddit’s servers. In this case, you will be getting the 403 error indicating a blocked address.

Simple Fixes To Reddit Error 403

Now that we’ve understood the reasons behind this problem, we can face this issue head-on. You can now head down to the solutions and fire away!

Check for Shadowban

You may receive this error if your account has been shadowbanned or you’ve been banned from a subreddit. To find out if you have been subjected to these terms, carry out the following steps.

  1. Load your user page with this URL format:
  2. Log out of your Reddit account.
  3. Now refresh the user page.
  4. If it states that your account has not been found, you’ve been shadowbanned.
  5. Message the administrator to lift the ban or create a new account in order to overcome this issue.

Disable VPN

VPNs may be interfering with Reddit and disabling them can often fix the problem.

  1. Click on the Start button and then on Settings.

    Fixing Reddit Error 403 requires disabling Vpn so we head to settings
    Navigating to Settings
  2. Click on Network & Internet.

    Network and Settings being approached
    Entering Network Internet
  3. Click on the VPN option on the left scroll bar.

    Vpn being disable so Reddit Error 403 can be distrupted,
    Location of VPN Settings
  4. Select the VPN connection and Click Disconnect.
  5. Reload your Reddit page to check if the problem persists.

Enable Cookies and Javascript

Ensuring that your computer is not blocking site cookies or javascript is another easy fix. At times due to cookies not being enabled, this Error pops up.

  1. Go to Options on your browser and select Settings.

    steps to remove extensions and vpns in order to solve Reddit Error 403.
    Click on the Three dots and Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Privacy and Settings.

    Enable cookies
    Privacy and Security in Chrome Settings
  3. Select Site Settings.

    Description of site settings
    Site Settings on Chrome
  4. Select Third-Party Cookies.

    Cookies being allowed as a solution for Reddit Error 403
    Third-Party Cookie Settings
  5. Click Allow Third-Party Cookies.

    Allowing third party cookies for fixing the error.
    Allowing Third-Party Cookies
  6. Select Javascript.

    Javascript Settings on Chrome
    Javascript Settings on Chrome
  7. Check Allow Javascript.
    Allowing javascript for clousure of Reddit Error 403
    Javascript Allowed


Use a Different Browser

Reddit requires the browser to be up to date in order for 100% functionality and Error 403 may pop up if these requirements are not met.

Try switching browsers if this Error persists. Recommended browsers include Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxMicrosoft Edge, and Safari.
List of Browsers to to use
Recommended Browsers

Reinstall the App

Of course, if you’re facing this problem in the app then you can try reinstalling the app. This can also fix any bugs and errors when reinstalled correctly.

  1. Head to the Windows icon and type Microsoft Store
  2. In the Microsoft Store Search bar search for Reddit.
  3. Click on the App and Uninstall it.
  4. Reinstall after a few moments,

    Reinstalling Reddit to combat Reddit Error 403
    Reddit in Microsoft Store

Rate Limit

The rate Limit being exceeded can also trigger the error 403. Unfortunately for this, you cannot fix it instantly. You will have to wait until the API rate limit is reset before accessing Reddit again. However, if it does not reset automatically, Contact Support and explain your problem to them in detail.

Prevention Guidelines

Now that we’ve solved the error this time, how do we prevent it from happening again? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Reddit proxies will help you avoid getting banned and shield your IP address. They also protect your anonymity and overall are a good approach.
  • Before taking part in a subreddit, take a quick look at the rules and guidelines so you do not accidentally violate one and get banned.
  • Reddit has strict policies against spamming so avoid that. Moreover, Reddit also isn’t a huge fan of excessively promoting yourself and may ban you for this.
  • Respect and follow Reddits terms of service. This includes no foul play in subreddits or while engaging with other users,
  • Report content that is negatively impacting the Reddit community and never engages with it. Moreover, do not engage with blocked or restricted content.
  • Try not to click on external links as they tend to be malicious in nature and may lead to you getting banned for suspicious activity.

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Reddit Error 403 is a very common error faced by users, but many users are unable to fix it. We’ve provided the most reliable and efficient fixes in hopes to change just that. Moreover, following the preventative guidelines above can reduce your chances of being stuck with such a troublesome issue again.


Is error 403 temporary?

Sometimes the Error is, in fact, temporary, and simply refreshing the page will fix it. You can head to the taskbar and refresh from there or use Ctrl + R to refresh. However a lot of the time this does not solve the issue.

How do I get Reddit out of safe mode?

Reddit has a safe mode that often users struggle to exit. You simply have to Open Reddit and go to User Settings. Click on Feed Settings and then on the toggle icon on the right of Safe Browsing Mode.

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