Cocoa Error Code 514 [ALL SOLUTIONS]

Check Easy Solutions On How To Resolve The Cocoa Error Code 514

Cocoa Error code 514 usually occurs when you are developing on Mac OS and IOS applications. This error comes under the cocoa Apple development framework which a developer might face while working with different APIs. Unlike Cocoa error 1 which is a screen recording error. Cocoa error 514 is caused due to the length of the file name or file path exceeding its limit. In this article, we will be going over all the possible solutions to help you get rid of cocoa error 514.

Cocoa Error code 51

We will be going over some quick fixes that will help you resolve the cocoa error code 514 in no time. To effectively deal with the issue, try all of the solutions provided below one by one.

Memory Management:

First of all, you need to check your memory management because managing your memory properly will resolve the issue. If the pathname of your file is larger than 1024 bytes then you need to reduce it. Similarly, if your filename is larger than 255 bytes, you will again need to decrease its size.

You can decrease the size by renaming using common methods such as Abbreviations, hyphens, and shortening long names. For example, Valorant can be written as VAL and similarly, if we were to add another word, we can add an underscore.

Update Libraries:

As Apple regularly updates its architecture, you need to stay updated with all the current updates available. Some third-party frameworks might not be compatible with the latest update Apple has pushed so timely update it. If that doesn’t work, then try to delete the Architectures build settings which have worked for some users.

You can follow the below steps to delete the Architectures build setting.

  1. open the Pods (the project)

    Cocoa error 514
    Architect build settings
  2. Next, select the Pods (the target)
  3. After opening the Build settings, delete it.
  4. This process should be repeated for every target pod.

Hopefully, your error would have been resolved by now but if it is still recurring, then try the next methods listed below.

Check Data and Resources:

Maintaining a regular check on data and resources is vital because Core Data store the data of apps. If there is no check on the resources, then the error can emerge as the error will show if the Core Data is using more resources. This occurs when Core Data has a lot of data to import from the app.

On the Apple support forum, when a user was facing a similar issue, they were advised to not store too much data on Core Data. Hopefully following this will resolve the cocoa error 514.

Debugging Tools:

If you are facing an issue on the Code side of things, you can try debugging to check the issue causing your error. In the IOS development environment, Xcode is one of the most notable IDEs out there. You can check out Xcode to debug any issues you have in the code.

Cocoa error 514
Xcode debugger

The Debugging starts as soon as you start the Application to run so press Comand + R. If Xcode encounters any need to debug the code, then it will do it. you will see the debug bar at the bottom of your screen. You can also stop or pause the debugging at any time in the process.

Network Operations:

If the application that you are working on involves different types of network operations, sort them out.

  • You can start out by checking if the URL you entered is correct.
  • Some applications take an excessive amount of time to load and open up. This mostly leads to a timeout which will cause the error. You can fix this by reloading the application with a better network.
  • A good network is crucial to develop an application that requires ongoing network operational needs. You can increase your network connectivity output by checking our article on internet bandwidth.

Community Support:

If you have tried all the solutions given above, then you can try uploading your issue on different forums.

Cocoa error code 514
Reddit Application

Many other developers who might have faced the same issue i.e. cocoa error 514 can help you out or know how to deal with the specific error. It is a great platform to learn and increase your programming knowledge because you get to interact with programmers worldwide. You can also post your issues on platforms like Reddit and Quora.

Apple Developer Support:

At the bottom, we have the Official Apple Developer Support where professional developers at Apple are present. They are present to deal with any kind of issue that you are facing and can provide customized solutions. It is important to note that you must remain patient as the waiting time for Developer support might get you a delayed response due to the traffic.

The wait will definitely be worth it because you will most likely get the solution to the specific problem you are facing and help you resolve the Cocoa error code 514.

Final Words – Cocoa Error Code 514

The cocoa error code 514 can be a real pain as it can delay the process of development. In order to get rid of this error, you can try different methods starting off with memory management and checking data resources. It is also important to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving updates that are pushed by Apple. While developing in an IOS environment, Xcode is highly recommended to easily debug your codes and avoid any errors.

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