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Navigating the vast array of online ticket platforms can be quite overwhelming in this day and age. Two names that stand out in the industry are Ticketmaster and Vivid Seat. Both of these have become household names for their reliability and extensive offerings. Whether you’re looking to attend a concert, sporting event, or theater performance, these platforms provide a seamless experience. You can purchase tickets from the comfort of your own home.

Both of these platforms are like middlemen that help you get tickets without much hassle. But which one should you pick, Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seat? It’s a common question; if you’re unsure, don’t worry. This article is here to help. We’ll compare Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats in detail so you can decide which one suits you better.

Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seats
Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seats

Choosing between Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seats depends on your personal preferences. Plus on the availability of events, pricing, and the purchasing experience you desire. Both platforms offer distinct advantages, so let’s dive in and explore the options.

Here we’ll compare Vivid Seat and Ticketmaster in terms of pricing and more. This will help you make an informed decision.


  • Pricing – The key factor to consider is their pricing. Generally, Ticketmaster tends to have lower fees than Vivid Seats. Specifically, Ticketmaster’s service fee is much lower.
  • Ticket Selection – Ticketmaster offers a substantial selection of tickets for major concerts and sports events globally. Whereas, Vivid Seats serves as a secondary marketplace connecting buyers with sellers.
  • Shipping – Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats offer different ticket delivery options. Ticketmaster has mobile and physical delivery. Meanwhile, Vivid Seats emphasizes flexibility and offers choices like electronic tickets.
  • Customer Service – Ticketmaster has good customer support through phone and online help centers. Vivid Seats also has support options. However, some users have reported issues with responsiveness and communication.
  • Safety and Security – Ticketmaster implements measures like secure payment processing. While Vivid Seats also emphasizes secure transactions, some users have reported some concerns.
  • Features and Extra – Here, both platforms offer unique advantages to enhance the ticket purchasing experience. So, choosing Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seats depends on the user’s priorities.
  • Payment – Ticketmaster appears to have an advantage in terms of payment options and convenience. Even though, Vivid Seats also provides a variety of payment options.
CategoryTicketmasterVivid Seats
Ticket selectionMore extensive selectionLess extensive selection
ShippingConvenientDelays reported
PricingLow pricedHigh priced
Customer service Less performance issuesMore performance issues
Safety and SecurityHigher levelLower level
Features and extraDepends on priorities of userDepends on priorities of user
PaymentConvenient to global usersNot as convenient

Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seat: Overview


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This platform is one of the leading global ticketing platforms. It is most known for its substantial event inventory. Plus it has sports ticket offerings and large-scale concerts. As an official ticketing partner, it makes sure that the tickets are authentic and secure. Moreover, this platform maintains transparency when it comes to pricing. Plus, it is a promising destination to buy and sell tickets, all verified.

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats Overview

This is an online ticket marketplace where you can connect with buyers and sellers for live events. They offer a wide selection of primary tickets. Which are sold directly from event organizers and resale tickets from other fans. Whether it’s concerts, sports games, theater shows, or more. Moreover, their user-friendly interface allows you to choose your preferred seats. Plus helps review prices, and select delivery options. At Vivid Seats, they strive to provide you a with convenient and secure way to access tickets for a variety of entertainment experiences.

Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seat: The Process

The Ticket Buying Process:

You should note that the ticket-buying process may vary. As it depends on the event organizer’s preferences. Plus the features that they want to choose on the two platforms. Moreover, show types, ticket availability, and other settings may also influence the ticket-buying experience.


  1. Firstly, you need to find the show of your choice. Visit the Ticketmaster website or mobile app. There you can search for upcoming events and artists to find more relevant options.
  2. Once you have found your desired event, you can then select the date. Then the seating section. Plus, the number of tickets that they want to buy.
  3. Now, you can create a Ticketmaster account or log in if you already have one. This helps with the purchasing process and enables users to track their purchases.
  4. You need to opt for purchasing now. Before doing that, remember to review your ticket selection. Then proceed to the secure payment page. There you need to provide your personal payment details.
  5. After a successful payment, you can receive tickets through several delivery methods. Such as e-tickets, mobile tickets, or even physical tickets via mail or pickup.

This is an example ticket from Ticketmaster
Example ticket

Vivid Seat

  1. Visit the Vivid Seats website or app. Then, browse through the wide array of events and find the event of your choice.
  2. Now, use the interactive seating chart to select your preferred seats. You can filter by price, section, and more to find the perfect spot.
  3. Afterward, review your order and see your total price. Now, simply log into your account or create a new one to provide your payment information.
  4. Next, choose how you want to receive your tickets by choosing the delivery option. Then review and confirm the ticket order.
  5. Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with all the necessary details. Then on the day of the event, arrive with your tickets and enjoy! 
vivid seat ticket
Example ticket

The Ticket Selling Process

Ticketmaster and Vivid Seat are great platforms. They offer organizers powerful tools for selling tickets and promoting events. Plus, they manage attendees efficiently. The specific features used may vary depending on the type of event and the organizer’s preferences. Plus, their promotional and marketing strategies.


  1. First, if you are an event organizer then you need to sign in to your Ticketmaster account. Then start the event creation procedure. You need to provide details such as the event name, location, date and time, and seating options.
  2. Then you need to begin the ticket setup. Figure out the ticket types, and pricing and set different categories. Such as VIP, general admission, early bird, discounts, and more.
  3. Now, you may choose to utilize Ticketmaster services. Like marketing and promotions tools to give your event and ticket sales a boost.
  4. Focus on event promotion. Utilize all the features that you need. Expose your event to a vast audience. They also collaborate with other event organizers on marketing campaigns.
  5. Once all this is done, ticket sales can go live. They will be available for purchase and potential attendees can buy tickets directly from the Ticketmaster website. Or even from the app and third-party channels.
  6. Throughout this process, you as an organizer can manage the tickets and monitor inventory. You can even make any necessary adjustments.

Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seats selling tickets process is being shown
Example of Ticketmaster selling tickets

Vivid Seat

  1. Start by opening the Vivid Seats website or app. Find the “Sell Tickets” option and select the event for which you want to sell tickets.
  2. Enter the details of the tickets you’re selling. Including the number of tickets, seating section, row, and seat numbers. You’ll also need to specify your price.
  3. Choose how you will deliver the tickets to the buyer once sold. Options typically include electronic delivery or physical delivery.
  4. List your tickets, so they are visible to potential buyers. Vivid Seats will notify you when your tickets are sold.
  5. After the buyer receives the tickets, Vivid Seats will process your payment. Payment is usually sent via direct deposit to the bank account you provided during the selling process.
  6. Keep in mind that Vivid Seats charges a transaction fee for using their platform to sell tickets. This fee will be deducted from your earnings.
Sell tickets
Example of selling tickets on Vivid Seats

Comparison of Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seat

Here, we will focus on the ticketing experience. This will help you choose a ticketing solution for your event between Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seats.


When comparing Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seats, the key factor to consider is their pricing. While they provide comparable features, their costs vary significantly.


The pricing structure is only available on this platform when you reach the final page for selling your tickets. However, it is common knowledge that Ticketmasters charges an extremely high fee. Along with some additional demand-based pricing structures. This can lead to customers paying much higher prices for the ticket. The event organizer will get no benefit from this raised price.

Ticketmaster pricing includes a service fee of around 19% of the ticket price and a $2.95 order processing fee. Moreover, the seller fee is around 15% once sold. However, as compared to Vivid Seats Ticketmaster does not ask for any delivery or facility charges.

Vivid Seats

During the final stages of buying tickets on Vivid Seats, the pricing structure becomes apparent. It is however well-known that Vivid Seats may include service fees. This method, like other ticket platforms, could raise the ticket prices for buyers. However, event organizers may not directly benefit from these increased prices. Resulting in a difference between the value paid by attendees and the benefit received by organizers.

Vivid Seta pricing includes a service fee of around 32% of the ticket price and $2.50 for mobile delivery charges. Moreover, the seller fee is 10% once sold. However, as compared to Ticketmaster Vivid Seats does not ask for an order processing fee. Plus, there are no facility charges.

Fee structure for Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seats
Pricing structure for Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seats

Winner: The fees charged on Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats differ depending on the event and venue. However, generally, Ticketmaster tends to have lower fees than Vivid Seats. Specifically, Ticketmaster’s service fee is much lower, and they are more likely to offer free ticket delivery.

Ticket Selection

Ticketmaster offers a substantial selection of tickets for major concerts and sports events globally. Whereas, Vivid Seats serves as a secondary marketplace. It connects buyers with sellers for a wide range of events. Understanding the unique features of each platform will help you make an informed decision for your ticket selection.


This website provides an extensive range of tickets to suit all ages and preferences. While the site is user-friendly, it’s worth noting that prices may be steep due to the secondary market. Numerous users appreciate the diverse collection of musical events and performances by renowned artists. Moreover, experts highly recommend this. It is the top choice for securing tickets.

Vivid Seats

While the selection of tickets may not be as vast as Ticketmaster, the variety of events and tickets available is still quite impressive. There are options for various types of events and genres. The ticket sorting and search features are user-friendly and efficient. Making finding what you’re looking for easy. Sports fans will be pleased with the wide selection of tickets available for matches. Additionally, there is a helpful seating chart feature when purchasing tickets to ensure you choose the right one.

Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seat ticket selection

Winner: In terms of ticket options and user experience, Ticketmaster comes out on top. They offer a more extensive selection of tickets and an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, they cater to a diverse audience, even though their ticket prices may be higher.


Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats offer different ticket delivery options. Ticketmaster has mobile and physical delivery.  Meanwhile, Vivid Seats emphasizes flexibility and offers choices like electronic tickets. As well as physical delivery options for those who prefer traditional tickets. They also offer digital tickets and printing at home.


Many customers find the delivery service of this company to be convenient. The service offers several options, all of which are easy. One popular option is e-tickets. The service typically uses the following types of ticket delivery: Electronic Tickets, Mobile Entry, Print-at-Home, US Mail, and UPS Standard Tickets. Generally, customers have no issues with ticket delivery, and the tickets arrive on time.

Vivid Seats

There are various ways in which tickets are delivered to customers. One common option is UPS delivery, but there may be other methods used as well. After reviewing customer feedback, it appears that there have been occasional issues with delivery, such as delays or last-minute arrivals. In such situations, the service team may request that customers provide more information regarding their delivery preferences. This is if the tickets have not arrived at least two days before the event. It’s important to note that the delivery fees are typically paid by the buyer.

Shipping tickets Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seat
Shipping tickets

Winner: Here, on the topic of Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seat, Ticketmaster takes the lead as it offers convenient and varied delivery options. Vivid Seats also provides multiple delivery options. But has occasional feedback regarding delivery challenges that could potentially cause delays.

Customer Service

Ticketmaster has good customer support through phone and online help centers. Vivid Seats also has support options. However, some users have reported issues with responsiveness and communication.

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The support team can communicate with you from 9 to 17 on working days. All you have to do is call 800-653-80000. However, this platform’s management strongly asks customers to get used to the list of frequently asked questions to save time. When customers do not read the questions and immediately start calling, there is traffic on the line. As a result, customers with important and urgent questions can not get through. In addition to telephone support, you can also chat with the representatives or write them a letter.

Vivid Seats

If you need assistance, please contact their support team via email at [email protected]. Or by calling 8668488499 during their business hours. Vivid Seats strives to provide prompt assistance to their customers. To avoid overloading their phone lines, they recommend that you only call in urgent situations. Such as if you have not received your ticket and the event is happening within the next day. Please note that their support team may be less available on holidays and weekends. As they have limited staff during these times. However, they will do their best to assist you as soon as possible.

Customer service comparison Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seat
Customer service comparison

Winner: Here Ticketmaster emerges as the winner. As it encourages customers to refer to frequently asked questions to streamline inquiries. On the other hand, Vivid Seats has gotten reports of performance issues during holidays and weekends. This leads to occasional dissatisfaction.

Safety and Security

Both Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats prioritize providing a secure ticket-purchasing environment. Ticketmaster is well-established. Plus, it imposes measures like secure payment processing and verified ticket sources. On the other hand, Vivid Seats also emphasizes secure transactions. However, some users have reported concerns about potential fraudulent tickets and seller verification on the platform.


Here, the representatives have stated numerous times that they prioritize safety and reliability. This company is large so control over safety and reliability always comes first. For example, the company’s employers only work with verified ticket suppliers. The unverified ones are checked out. This company does not say how the verification process works as this information could go into the hands of fraudsters.

Vivid Seats

The executives at Vivid Seats have emphasized the importance of trust in their company and its services. They have established strong and lasting partnerships with ticket suppliers worldwide to ensure reliability. In an interview, the executives emphasized that ticket authentication is their top priority. This is why they guarantee buyers legitimate tickets and refunds. In case of event cancellation or issues with the tickets themselves. It is worth noting that there have been no reported cases of counterfeit tickets on the service in recent years.

 Security measures for Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seat
Security measures

Winner: Ticketmaster takes the lead here. Due to its longevity and careful handling of verified suppliers. This contributes to its perceived higher level of safety and security for ticket buyers.

Features and Extra

Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seats offers unique advantages. To enhance the ticket purchasing experience when exploring features and extras.


This service is known for its global reach and large scale. Critics have called it one of the biggest leaders in its industry. However, some users have shown dissatisfaction with the pricing policy. They have a problem with a lack of control over users’ requests. Additionally, many are unhappy with the high number of fees. Despite these drawbacks, the quality of the service appears to be highly praised in reviews.

Vivid Seats

This service is known for its increased focus on security, and a user-friendly interface. Plus, the ease of ticket buying and selling. The site offers affordable ticket prices and low fees. Thus, setting it apart from many competitors. While the support service could use improvement, the service is committed to making progress in this area. Additionally, the service strictly adheres to its policy without exception. However, there have been occasional delays in page updates and seat selection when purchasing tickets.

overall culture at Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seats
Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seats

Winner: In this comparison, the winner depends on the specific priorities of the user. Users seeking a comprehensive and established platform might favor Ticketmaster. Whereas those valuing affordability and user-friendliness could find Vivid Seats more appealing.


Ticketmaster vs. Vivid Seat platforms offer a variety of payment options so let’s get to it.


Users have reported no issues with the payment system when using this service. It is highly convenient and transactions are easy. They accept several payment methods including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, Ticketmaster Gift Card, and debit cards. Additionally, foreign cards are also accepted. This is because several banks have partnered with their service to automatically convert payments into the desired currency.

Vivid Seats

When purchasing a ticket, you have the option to pay using a debit or credit card as well as PayPal. It’s important to note that the service only sends payments to sellers through the PayPal system. If you need to change your payment method during checkout, simply go to your profile and follow the provided instructions. The site has made the process very straightforward for your convenience.

Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seat payment options
Payment options

Winner: Ticketmaster appears to be the winner in this comparison. Due to the convenience, it offers to both domestic and international users.

Which One Is Best For You?

You should choose Ticketmaster if:

  • You want to organize or attend large-scale concerts and sports galas. Or any big gatherings with a high ticket demand.
  • Do remember that the authenticity and security of your tickets are of the utmost importance. This goes especially for high-profile events.
  • Access to a diverse range of events worldwide is essential for your event-goers.

You should choose Vivid Seats if:

  • Vivid Seats allows you to enjoy with no fear of overspending or additional costs fully. It offers comparatively lower fees. Thus making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers.
  • This platform is praised for its intuitive and user-friendly platform. It provides a very straightforward way of purchasing tickets. It is easy to navigate and ideal for those who prioritize a seamless experience.
  • In addition, they have recently begun to actively develop its mobile application. This has attracted many new customers to the site.

Final Words

In the ticketing arena, deciding between Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats comes down to personal taste. Ticketmaster’s broad reach and diverse tickets are balanced with potential cost concerns. Meanwhile, Vivid Seats excels with a user-friendly approach, affordability, and simple payment options. Your choice hinges on whether you prefer Ticketmaster’s vast offerings or Vivid Seats’ ease and value.

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