Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite – Which One Is Best For You?

Choose the platform that suits your needs!

Currently, the internet is booming with so many alternatives and ticket marketplaces. That we are aware of how difficult it is to choose one favorite platform. Plus, among the many platform options that you have seen, I am sure you must have heard about Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite at least a handful of times.

Both Ticketmaster and Eventbrite are well-known and well-trusted for live events and shows. They are the go-to platforms in the ticketing industry for being easy third-party choices. However, the main question is- how are you going to decide between Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite? Which is better for you? Which one topples the other? If you are not sure of this answer, then do not worry! In this article, we have done a thorough Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite comparison. 

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To discover whether Eventbrite or Ticketmaster is superior, please continue reading.
Eventbrite vs Ticketmaster

Here we’ll compare Eventbrite and Ticketmaster in terms of pricing and more. This will help you make an informed decision.


  • Pricing -The key factor to consider is their pricing. While they provide comparable features, their costs vary significantly. Eventbrite has lower costs overall.
  • Ticket Selection – Ticketmaster offers a selection of tickets for major concerts and sports events globally. Whereas, Eventbrite provides diverse ticket options for events of all sizes. Ticketmaster has the edge here for providing a broader selection of tickets.
  • Sales Dashboard – Both of these platforms have very similar features. Plus are highly recommended by users globally. But, Ticketmaster appears to be the winner here. Read more to see why.
  • Customization and Event Setup – The event sales page should convey the atmosphere of the show. Thus, creating an exciting vibe for the audience. So, both platforms tie in this aspect.
  • External Apps – Connecting your event ticketing platform with your business tools can create a seamless experience. Eventbrite takes the lead here over Ticketmaster.
  • Shipping – Ticketmaster has mobile and physical delivery. While Eventbrite offers digital tickets and printing at home. Here neither has a significant advantage over the other.
  • Customer Service – Generally, Eventbrite offers better customer service than Ticketmaster. They have more responsive support. However, there is no clear winner as it depends on the user’s preferences.
  • Safety and Security – Both platforms prioritize the protection of consumer data and transactions. However, Ticketmaster is the winner here. Their emphasis on supplier verification gives them an edge.
  • Features and Extra – Ticketmaster offers tickets for major events, concerts, and sports. While Eventbrite is known for its versatility. Hence, no clear winner as the user has to put their needs first.
  • Payment – Both platforms offer a variety of payment options. Ticketmaster appears to be the winner here. As it is more convenient to users globally.

Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite: Overview


Go to the <yoastmark class=

This platform is one of the leading global ticketing platforms. It is most known for its substantial event inventory. Plus its sports ticket offerings, and large-scale concerts. As an official ticketing partner, it makes sure that the tickets are authentic and secure. Moreover, this platform maintains transparency when it comes to pricing. Plus, it is a promising destination to buy and sell tickets, all verified.


Go to the eventbrite website

Eventbrite is a flexible event management platform catering to events of all sizes. From small local gatherings to large conferences. It offers adaptable ticketing options and allows event organizers to make different ticket types and discounts. Moreover, it also offers marketing tools. These are integrated with social media and email campaigns. This helps efficiently promote events and interact with attendees.

The platform maintains a transparent pricing structure. This can be a cost-effective solution for event organizers. Its adaptability and analytics make it a valuable choice for event success.

Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite: The Process

The Ticket Buying Process:

You should note that the ticket-buying process may vary. As it depends on the event organizer’s preferences. Plus the features that they want to choose on the two platforms. Moreover, show types, ticket availability, and other settings may also influence the ticket-buying experience.


  1. Firstly, you need to find the show of your choice. Visit the Ticketmaster website or mobile app. There you can search for upcoming events and artists to find more relevant options.
  2. Once you have found your desired event, you can then select the date. Then the seating section. Plus, the number of tickets that they want to buy.
  3. Now, you can create a Ticketmaster account or log in if you already have one. This helps with the purchasing process and enables users to track their purchases.
  4. You need to opt for purchasing now. Before doing that, remember to review your ticket selection. Then proceed to the secure payment page. There you need to provide your personal payment details.
  5. After a successful payment, you can receive tickets through several delivery methods. Such as e-tickets, mobile tickets, or even physical tickets via mail or pickup.
This is an example ticket from Ticketmaster
Example ticket


  1. First, you should start by visiting the Eventbrite website or app. Also, search for events based on the location or other keywords.
  2. When you have found the desired event, click on it to review all the details. Such as the pricing option and event details.
  3. Now, it is time for ticket registration. If an event has free admission or requires an RSVP, users can register for tickets by providing their email address and name. On the other hand for paid events. Users need to choose the ticket type and quantity before proceeding to the checkout page.
  4. Now, you can create an Eventbrite account or log in using your existing account. This will simplify the checkout procedure.
  5. Before you proceed to payment, make sure that you have reviewed your ticket selection. Eventbrite accepts several payment methods for secure transactions. So choose the one most convenient for you.
  6. Finally, after a successful payment you will receive a confirmation email with your tickets. You can access this using the Eventbrite app or through your email.
This is a confirmation email from Eventbrite
A confirmation email from Eventbrite

The Ticket Selling Process

Ticketmaster and Eventbrite are great platforms. They offer organizers powerful tools for selling tickets and promoting events. Plus, they manage attendees efficiently. The specific features used may vary depending on the type of event and the organizer’s preferences. Plus, their promotional and marketing strategies.


  1. First, if you are an event organizer then you need to sign in to your Ticketmaster account. Then start the event creation procedure. You need to provide details such as the event name, location, date and time, and seating options.
  2. Then you need to begin the ticket setup. Figure out the ticket types, pricing and set different categories. Such as VIP, general admission, early bird, discounts, and more.
  3. Now, you may choose to utilize Ticketmaster services. Like marketing and promotions tools to give your event and ticket sales a boost.
  4. Focus on event promotion. Utilize all features that you need to. Expose your event to a vast audience. They also collaborate with other event organizers on marketing campaigns.
  5. Once all this is done, ticket sales can go live. They will be available for purchase and potential attendees can buy tickets directly from the Ticketmaster website. Or even from the app and third-party channels.
  6. Throughout this process, you as an organizer can manage the tickets and monitor inventory. You can even make any necessary adjustments.
Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite selling tickets process is being shown
Example of Ticketmaster selling tickets


  1. First, you need to create an event listing on this platform. Then provide all relevant details. Such as the ticket types, pricing categories, and any additional event information.
  2. Set up ticket categories. Such as early bird, discounts, VIPs, and general admissions.
  3. Now, start on the event promotion. Everbrite offers various marketing strategies and tools to help organizers efficiently promote their events. To reach a broader audience, you can utilize social media and email campaigns.
  4. Finally, once the event is live and the tickets go up for sale. The potential attendees can buy tickets from the Eventbrite website or app. They can choose their desired ticket type and complete the purchase.
  5. Then you can manage your attendee data. Plus track ticket sales as well as the event capacity.
  6. Now, when the ticket purchase is successful attendees will receive a confirmation email. This will contain their tickets. They can access the tickets through the Eventbrite app or by printing them out.
Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite selling tickets process is being shown
Example of Eventbrite selling tickets


Here, we will focus on the ticketing experience. This will help you choose a ticketing solution for your event between Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite.


When comparing Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, the key factor to consider is their pricing. While they provide comparable features, their costs vary significantly.


The pricing structure is only available on this platform when you reach the final page for selling your tickets. However, it is common knowledge that Ticketmaster charges an extremely high fee. Along with some additional demand-based pricing structures.

This can lead to customers paying much higher prices for the ticket. The event organizer will get no benefit from this raised price.


On this platform, a fee per ticket is charged. Plus the additional payment processing charges. If the ticket is free of cost then Eventbrite will not charge you any fees. You have more control here as you can choose to absorb the fees or pass them on to the potential attendees. This might lead to the per-ticket cost rising for your customers while giving you your full expected revenue.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine you have a $10 event ticket being sold on Eventbrite. To understand the total amount better, we will absorb the fees here. So, if you sell 100 tickets for this event your expected total revenue will be $1000.

After we subtract the Eventbrite fees, the revenue will go down to $876. This means Eventbrite will get $124 in fees.

Look at an Eventbrite pricing example here
Eventbrite pricing example

Please note that the lower fees mentioned apply only to the Essentials package. If you choose the Professional package, the fees increase to $219.

Look at an Eventbrite pricing example here
Eventbrite pricing example

Remember, this excludes the taxes and payment processing fees you will normally charge on your sales. It is a known fact that as u sell tickets for higher priced tickets, the percentage fee becomes a bigger portion of your total revenue.

Winner: Although the per-ticket fees of both platforms are high, Eventbrite has lower costs overall.

Ticket Selection

Ticketmaster offers a substantial selection of tickets for major concerts and sports events globally. Whereas, Eventbrite provides diverse ticket options for events of all sizes. Including workshops, conferences, and community gatherings. Let’s look further into it.


This website provides an extensive range of tickets to suit all ages and preferences. While the site is user-friendly, it’s worth noting that prices may be steep due to the secondary market. Numerous users appreciate the diverse collection of musical events and performances by renowned artists. Moreover, experts highly recommend this. It is the top choice for securing tickets.


The website offers a great selection of tickets. But, there are some drawbacks to consider. Discounts are only available for non-profit organizations. Also, the refund policy is very strict, following the site’s rules without individual consideration for each situation. Despite these limitations, the website provides a diverse range of tickets suitable for fans of all ages and interests. Given the website’s extensive and varied offerings, you can easily find the right event to attend.

Get tickets on Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite.

Winner: Ticketmaster is the winner here for providing a broader selection of tickets. Plus for catering to a wider audience, despite the higher ticket prices.

Sales Dashboard

Both of these platforms have very similar features. Plus are highly recommended by users all across the world.


The dashboard on this platform is incredibly user-friendly. Making it very convenient for those who are new to organizing events. It takes care of payment processing and ticket delivery. Thus, eliminating the need for you to handle these tasks.


Similar to Ticketmaster, this platform handles the checkout and payment process. Thus, taking that responsibility off your shoulders. However, this can be great for some event hosts but this may turn out to be an issue. When you realize that Eventbrite charges a high fee. We will talk more about this later. For now, you can go with either of these platforms as they are similar in this aspect.

Comparing Sales dashboard of Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite here
Sales Dashboard

Winner: Ticketmaster appears to be the winner here. It provides a user-friendly experience without the added concern of high fees. This makes it a better option for event organizers.

Customization and Event Setup

To request money from a user, it’s important to first grab their attention. Request their email address and offer something of value. Along with a promise of an exceptional event. The event sales page should convey the atmosphere of the show, creating an exciting vibe for the audience.


This platform prefers everything to remain the same throughout its website. Thus, they offer limited power for customizing your respective ticket pages. You can alter the event image and pricing. You can even add nice titles to capture their attention. However, this is the most that you can do here.


These two platforms offer very few changes to the events. Every event hosted on Eventbrite has the same style and vibe as the event pages need to match their website theme. So, the only way to separate your event from the crowd is by uploading an eye catchy event image. Other than that, this platform controls all the design elements.

Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite ranking is being shown here.
Ranking of the two platforms

Winner: Neither platform appears to be a clear winner in the case of ticket page customization.

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External Apps

Connecting your event ticketing platform with your business tools can create a great experience. This integration allows you to use existing technology to send welcome and reminder emails. Plus helps to manage calendars and even enable payments at your venue.


Ticketmaster has an API available for other apps to integrate with. But it does not have an app marketplace. Because of this, you might have to yourself look up if one of your existing tools can integrate with Ticketmaster. For example, if you want to connect your Mailchimp account to sync your emails between different accounts. This may not be as simple with Ticketmaster as it will be with Eventbrite. Keep reading to learn why.


Did you know that Eventbrite has an app ecosystem? It allows you to expand its uses and connect multiple systems. You can even sync your Google calendar with the events! Plus, you can easily keep your Mailchimp and Eventbrite email lists in sync as well. This is why Eventbrite takes the lead here from Ticketmaster.

Find the right app for you Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite.
Find the right app

Winner: Eventbrite takes the lead over Ticketmaster here. It offers users a  better experience when integrating multiple systems.


Ticketmaster and Eventbrite offer different ticket delivery options. Ticketmaster has mobile and physical delivery while Eventbrite offers digital tickets and printing at home.


Many customers find the delivery service of this company to be convenient. The service offers several options, all of which are easy. One popular option is e-tickets. The service typically uses the following types of ticket delivery: Electronic Tickets, Mobile Entry, Print-at-Home, US Mail, and UPS Standard Tickets. Generally, customers have no issues with ticket delivery, and the tickets arrive on time.


Customers using this service can choose from various standard methods of ticket delivery, including electronic and mail delivery. It’s important to note that the fees charged to the buyer vary depending on the chosen delivery method. However, sometimes the buyer may not have the option to choose the delivery method as it is decided by the event organizer. Currently, the most popular delivery methods are email and courier services for printed tickets.

Winner: Ticketmaster and Eventbrite seem to be on the same page with each other here. Neither has a significant advantage over the other in this aspect.

Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite shipping tickets to customers
Shipping tickets

Customer Service

Generally, Eventbrite offers better customer service than Ticketmaster. They have more responsive and user-friendly support. Let’s see why.

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The support team can communicate with you from 9 to 17 on working days. All you have to do is call 800-653-80000. However, this platform’s management strongly asks customers to get used to the list of frequently asked questions to save time. When customers do not read the questions and immediately start calling, there is traffic on the line. As a result, customers with important and urgent questions can not get through. In addition to telephone support, you can also chat with the representatives or write them a letter.


You can communicate with the support staff only after registering yourself on the site. It is an easy process. This site has a policy aimed at improving communication on the internet and minimizing live communication. This is because communication via chats and emails has proven to be better. However, if you want phone support then you can call them at 1-877-620-9578 from 9 to 17.

Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite statistics being shown

Winner: There is no clear winner. Choose your ticket platform based on your needs. Eventbrite is great for online support while Ticketmaster offers reliable phone assistance.

Safety and Security

Both platforms prioritize the protection of consumer data and transactions. But, Ticketmaster has more experience in large-scale events and might offer additional measures. So, keep reading.


Here, the representatives have stated numerous times that they prioritize safety and reliability. This company is large so control over safety and reliability always comes first. For example, the company’s employers only work with verified ticket suppliers. The unverified ones are checked out. This company does not say how the verification process works as this information could go into the hands of fraudsters.


The terms and conditions describe in detail what this site is responsible for and what they are not. For example, the responsibility of making sure the tickets are real lies with the seller and not with the employees. The employees will help sort out any problems here but will not be responsible. If for instance, you receive a fake ticket. The money will be refunded to you in this situation. The verification of sellers here is average as compared to Ticketmaster. It does however pay attention to verifying the identity of customers.

Ticketmaster security measures
Security measures

Winner: Ticketmaster is the winner here. Their emphasis on supplier verification and experience in handling big events gives them an edge.

Features and Extra

Ticketmaster offers tickets for major events, concerts, and sports. While Eventbrite is known for its versatility in hosting a wide range of events, from small gatherings to large conferences.


This service is known for its global reach and large scale. Critics have called it one of the biggest leaders in its industry. However, some users have shown dissatisfaction with the pricing policy. They have a problem with a lack of control over users’ requests. Additionally, many are unhappy with the high number of fees. Despite these drawbacks, the quality of the service appears to be highly praised in reviews.


The service has several notable features. Including fast and efficient work and excellent technical support. However, there are also some negative aspects to consider. The discount system can be inconvenient and not available to everyone. Plus, there are occasional disclaimers. Additionally, there may be delays in receiving refunds for canceled concerts. Despite these drawbacks, the service is highly popular among British and American users. However, it has a lower rating in Turkey, Italy, and Spain.

Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite competition is being shown
Eventbrite vs Ticketmaster

Winner: Choosing between Ticketmaster and Eventbrite depends on personal preferences. Those who prefer a wide range of events may choose Ticketmaster. While those who prioritize technical support may prefer Eventbrite.


Both platforms offer a variety of payment options so let’s get to it.


Users have reported no issues with the payment system when using this service. It is highly convenient and transactions are easy. They accept several payment methods including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, Ticketmaster Gift Card, and debit cards. Additionally, foreign cards are also accepted. This is because several banks have partnered with their service to automatically convert payments into the desired currency.


When using this service, all payments are made online. If you’re a seller, the time it takes for payment to be received in your account depends on your bank’s specific processes. Typically, payment will be sent to your account within five days after the event ends. We recommend using the PayPal system for both sellers and buyers. It’s more convenient and beneficial for foreign customers. This system allows payments to be set up for countries and currencies where Eventbrite payment processing is not available.

Payment methods

Winner: Ticketmaster appears to be the winner in this comparison. Due to the convenience, it offers to both domestic and international users.

Summary: Which One Is Best For You?

You should choose Ticketmaster if:

  • You want to organize or attend large-scale concerts and sports galas. Or any big gatherings with a high ticket demand.
  • Do remember that the authenticity and security of your tickets are of the utmost importance. This goes especially for high-profile events.
  • Access to a diverse range of events worldwide is essential for your event-goers.

You should choose Eventbrite if:

  • You want to organize or attend smaller or local events. Such as seminars, workshops, or community hangouts.
  • Being flexible in regards to the ticket types, discounts, and pricing is important to cater to your event’s needs.
  • Eventbrite has integrated marketing tools and analytics. To better promote and measure the success of your event.

Final Words

In conclusion, when you are deciding between the two platforms consider the event size. Choose the platform that goes with your event’s needs and audience size. This will help ensure a successful ticketing experience. We sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you. Have seamless events!

FAQs – Ticketmaster vs Eventbrite

There are many FAQs when it comes to this comparison. So, we made sure to answer the most important ones.

Are tickets transferred through Ticketmaster real?
Transferring a ticket refers to how you can securely send a few or all of your tickets to others from your Ticketmaster account. It is a simple process. It is completely safe and free to do. This feature allows every event-goer to have their ticket in hand.
Is Ticketmaster better or StubHub?
Ticketmaster should be your top choice. It has better costs, more security, and smoother delivery. While StubHub should be your choice if you want to find tickets to sold-out events and want to resell tickets.
Can you return the tickets to Ticketmaster?
If your event is going ahead as planned then you can not get any refunds or exchanges. However, you can cancel your tickets. For this, you can take help from our Purchase Policy.

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