‘Can’t connect to the internet’- Roku Error Code 009 [Fixed]

The Roku error code 009 means that the Roku streaming device can’t connect to the internet or the Wi-Fi. This is a network error and it indicates that your Roku streaming device is connected to the internet, but it has no internet access.

Roku error code 009 (main image)

This error code can also occur if your Roku streaming device is facing some authentication or disconnection issues. People have faced this error code with different Roku devices like Roku Express, Roku Ultra, Roku Box, and Roku 3.

Why Does Roku Error Code 009 Occur?

This error code mostly occurs because of internet failure. But internet failure is a vast term because several other things also fall under the umbrella of this term. So, let’s see those.

  • Sometimes the cached DNS configurations by the router get corrupted, which interrupts the connection establishment of the Roku streaming device.
  • Since content streaming services like Roku require a stable and fast internet connection, therefore, frequent disconnection of the internet service can also be the reason for this error code.
  • If you’re using cables for connecting to the internet, then loose cables can also cause this error code.
  • Sometimes the corrupted system software of the Roku streaming device can also prevent you from connecting to the server and streaming the content.

These are the most common reasons for the occurrence of the error code 009 in Roku streaming devices. Now, let’s troubleshoot Roku error code 009.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 009?


Before getting to the solutions to this error code, try the following tips and see if these resolve your issue or not.

  1. First, you’ll make sure that you’re selecting your own wireless network name. Public networks aren’t reliable.
  2. Then, you’ll make sure that you’re entering the correct password.

Note: Check for case-sensitive passwords as well

  1. If you’re using a wireless network, then check the signal strength of the connected Wi-Fi network. If the signal strength isn’t good, then move to a place that is closer to the Wi-Fi router.

1. Checking Your Internet Connection

As this error code represents some issues with the internet connection, therefore, you should check your internet connection before moving on to the other solutions for this error code. If your internet is fine, then check whether your network’s bandwidth meets the network requirements for streaming content on the Roku player.

2. Using a Wired Network

If you’re still facing the error message, then you should switch to a wired network and see if that resolves your network issue. Because “a wired network is more stable than a wireless network. So, use an ethernet cable for connecting your Roku streaming device to a network.

Note: If you’re already using an ethernet cable, then check whether the cable is loose or not

If this solution has resolved your issue, then good for you. Otherwise, try the next solution.

4. Restarting Your Roku Streaming Device

  1. First, you’ll press the ‘Home’ button on the Roku remote to go to the main screen.

    Pressing the ‘Home’ button on Roku remote
  2. Then, you’ll scroll down to the ‘Settings’ option.

    Choosing the ‘Settings’ option of Roku streaming device
  3. Inside the Settings option, you’ll go down to the ‘System’ settings option.

    Opening the ‘System’ option inside the ‘Settings’ window
  4. Then, inside the System option, you’ll find the ‘Power’ option; hit the ‘OK’ button from the remote of your Roku device. This will take you to the Power option.

    Choosing the ‘Power’ option inside the ‘System’ window
  5. Now, you’ll scroll down again to find the ‘System restart’ option and hit the ‘OK’ button from your Roku remote.

    Choosing the ‘System restart’ option inside the ‘Power settings’ window
  6. Then, you’ll choose the ‘Restart’ option by pressing the ‘OK’ button of your remote again. This will reboot your system and your TV will turn off temporarily, but after some time it will turn back on automatically.

    Selecting the ‘Restart’ option inside the ‘System restart’ window

After the system startup, you’ll check if this solution has resolved the Roku error code 009 or not. If yes, then good for you, otherwise try the next solution.

5. Resetting the Network Settings
and Setting Up a New Connection

Sometimes the corrupted DNS configurations can also cause the error code 009. Therefore, you can first reset the network settings on your Roku streaming device, then you’ll set up a new internet connection.

Goal 1: Resetting the Network Settings

  1. First, you’ll go to the ‘Settings’ option of your Roku streaming device, and then, you’ll select the ‘System’ option.

    Selecting the ‘Settings’ option first and then choosing the ‘System’ option
  2. Inside the ‘System’ option, you’ll go to the ‘Advanced system settings’ option and choose the ‘Network connection reset’ option.

    Selecting the ‘Advanced system settings’ option, then choose the ‘Network connection reset’ option
  3. Then, inside the next window, you’ll choose the ‘Reset connection’ option by pressing the ‘OK’ button. Here, your system will restart and you won’t be able to connect to the network. So, you’ll connect to the network manually.

    Choosing the ‘Reset connection’ option

Goal 2: Setting Up a New Connection

  1. When the device will turn on, then you’ll press the ‘Home’ button on your Roku remote.

    Pressing the ‘Home’ button on Roku remote
  2. Then, you’ll select the ‘Settings’ option and inside that option, you’ll choose the ‘Network’ option.

    Selecting the ‘Settings’ option first and then choosing the ‘Network’ option
  3. Inside the new window, you’ll choose the ‘Set up connection’ option and choose the ‘Wireless’ option.

    Choosing the ‘Set up connection’ option and then selecting the ‘Wireless’ option

Note: Your system will begin a scan for the available Wi-Fi networks

  1. Now, you’ll connect to your Wi-Fi network by entering the password.
  2. Once the connection is complete, then you’ll check if this solution has resolved the Roku error code 009 or not.

If this solution has proved useful for you, then good for you. Otherwise, try changing your router. Because sometimes, the faulty router can also be the reason for the ‘no internet connection’ issue.

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