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How to Check the Bandwidth of your Internet Connection

Whether you want to use some content streaming platform or video game digital distribution service, a reliable internet connection is necessary. This is because each streaming platform or service has a specific network bandwidth requirement.

Here, we will discuss an online platform for checking the bandwidth of internet connection. But first, you should know whether your internet connection is stable or not. So, without any further delay, let’s get to the procedure for how to check the bandwidth speed of the internet connection.

Steps for How to Check the Bandwidth of the Internet Connection

Before getting to the bandwidth, it’s better to check the stability of the internet connection.

  1. First, you should check whether all the other devices are working fine on your network or not.
  2. If not, then contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and report this issue to them.
  3. If all the other devices are working fine, then you’ll open a browser and type ‘’ in its address or search bar. Then, you’ll hit the ‘Enter’ key to head over to that web page.

    Typing ‘’ in search bar
  4. When the new webpage will open, your browser will start the analyzing process.

    ‘’ measuring the network’s bandwidth
  5. Once has finished the network analysis, then you can click on the ‘Show more info’ button to get a detailed overview of your network.
    Clicking on ‘Show more info’ button

    Revealing more information by clicking on ‘Show more info’ button
  6. If your bandwidth is lower than your needs, please contact your ISP to increase the network’s bandwidth. This way, your network can meet the network requirements of your specified streaming or video game digital distribution platform.


‘’ is one of the popular Google Speed Test platforms for checking your network connection’s reliability. You can also use which also gives you your instantaneous speed.

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