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Ticketmaster Error code u001- 10 Easy Solutions

A Comprehensive Guide on Solving The Ticketmaster Error code u001

Ticketmaster error code u001 is quite similar to the Ticketmaster code 0002 in the sense they both seem to stem from internal issues mainly. Ticketmaster error code u001 usually occurs when the user is trying to access tickets that have already been sold. It could be due to a slow connection that they still appear available.

The Ticketmaster error code u001
The Ticketmaster error code u001

Ticketmaster error code u001 is the most common error that occurs while using Ticketmaster. In fact, many users have professed their problem with this error on Reddit pages with helpful information from fellow users. A traffic collision may also be occurring causing this error to pop up. It is quite easy to fix since the causes are very apparent for this error. 


  • Ticketmaster error code u001 occurs due to problems on the user’s side, usually when trying to book pre-booked tickets or due to any bugs in the app.
  • Sometimes this error also shows up when the Ticketmaster server is down. Go to Downdetector and check if everything is up and functional at Ticketmaster. You can also take a look at their Twitter account for this.
  • Try changing the location for the show you have selected. Due to overbooked tickets, this error occurs when trying to book tickets that have been reserved.
  • At times due to outdated information in the payment details, this error pops up. To fix this all you need to do is go to Your Account on Ticketmaster and recheck your Payment plan. Try re-adding the card you’re using or adding another card. This usually fixes this issue.
  • Check your internet connection by using a speed test and make sure it’s fast enough to process a purchase.
  • Browser issues can also lead to this issue. Try switching browsers or clearing out cookies and cache.
  • Another fix for browser users is clearing your Google activity till the first occurrence of this error. You can do this by going to and selecting Delete Activity.
  • App users should try offloading the app or clearing its cache and trying again with their purchase.
  • Keep in mind VPN users are blocked by Ticketmaster, this will give you an error. You’ll have to disconnect the VPN on your device in order to book shows and get rid of Ticketmaster error code u001.


Solutions for Ticketmaster error code u001

Let’s take a look at the most effective solutions that can help you today and skim across some information about our approach alongside the solutions.

Check your Internet Connection

Your Internet connection may be unstable or constantly changing causing a faulty connection to be made with the Ticketmaster servers. Follow this link for a complete guide in order to check your internet connection.

Select Another Location

Most times this error occurs it’s a result of not enough space in the location. More tickets have been selected than available for that show. In this case, you should select a different location for the show and see if the error persists. If it does, move on to the next solution.

Check Server Status

It’s plausible that this error could be occurring due to the server being down. This occurs when there’s a sudden flock of people on the website at once. In order to confirm this follow this link to the Downdetecter website and reconfirm if Ticketmaster is fully operational. If it’s not, the only thing you can do is wait for it to be up and running again.

Confirming the source for ticketmaster error code u001
Downdetector showing no errors

Ticketmaster also informs its users of any server problems or problems in general on their Twitter account. You can also go to their Twitter account and check if they’re experiencing any issues.

Clear Cache and Cookies

If you’re using a browser, the problem might be any corrupted cookies or lingering cache interfering with your purchasing or booking on Ticketmaster. In order to clear it you simply need to reset settings on your browser. You can find a detailed walkthrough on how to clear Cache and Cookies here. Hopefully that’ll fix the problem, but if not, move on to the next solution.

Switch your Browser

If the error still persists, it can be due to a browser issue. You may be using a browser that does not support Ticketmaster. Try switching the browser you’re currently using to Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. You can also try using Ticketmaster in incognito mode as external extensions are disabled and there are fewer interruptions in incognito mode.

list of supported browsers to use in order to not get ticketmaster error code u001
Supported browsers

Offload the app or Clear Cache

Your app may have accumulated a bug due to a large amount of cache accumulated. This may be the reason you’re experiencing an error while using the app. The easiest way to remove this possibility is to offload the app (for IOS) or clear the cache (for Android).

For IOS:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

    offloading app for ticketmaster error code u001
    iPhone Settings
  2. Select General.

    General Settings in Iphone
    General Settings on iPhone
  3. Navigate to iPhone Storage.
  4. Find Ticketmaster and Select it.

    Ticketmaster being offloaded as a fix for ticketmaster error code u001
    Ticketmaster App Settings
  5. Click on Offload App and Reconfirm it.

    confirm offloading app
    Reconfirm this action.
  6. Wait for the Reinstall option to show and Select it.

For Android:

  1. Go to Settings.

    finding App Settings
    Apps in Settings
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Scroll to find Ticketmaster.
  4. Click on Clear Cache.

    to clear any bugs causing ticketmaster error code u001, clear the cache
    Clear Cache on Android
  5. Resume your journey and confirm if the error persists.

If the error still persists, do not lose hope! Move on to the next solution.

Delete recent Google Activities

Another fix for browser users is to remove your recent Ticketmaster Google activities. This will remove any recent errors that are now starting to occur. In order to do this, follow the steps below.
  1. Make sure you’re signed in with your Gmail account.
  2. Go to
  3. Select Delete activity by.
    Google Activities page
    Google Activities page


  4. Select Custom range.

    Setting the Custom range option
    Custom range option
  5. Select the range starting from the first occurrence of the error, to this day.

    choose a range to accomodate removal of ticketmaster error code u001
    Select the range
  6. Select Google Chrome.

    making sure important data is safe
    Data selection
  7. Confirm Delete.

    deleting google activity to delete bugs causing ticketmaster error code u001
    Reconfirm the action.
  8. Now exit the browser and reopen the Ticketmaster website.

If the error is gone, congrats! If not, do not worry, move on to the next solution.

Check your Ticketmaster Account

At times outdated or incorrect information in your payment details also causes this error. Users have reported that by reconfirming details, the error is resolved. Let’s look into this below.

  1. Go to Ticketmaster and Log into your account.
  2. Click on My Account and then My Account again.
  3. Select Payment Options.

    To get rid of ticketmaster error code u001, review your payment details
    Payment Options
  4. Check all the information relating to your cards attached. If the information is all correct, try deleting your payment plan and adding it again.

If this does not work, you know the drill! Try the solution given below.

Disable VPNs

VPNs conceal your identity which can be good for surfing the web anonymously however, some sites block VPN users. Ticketmaster can be one of them, and this error can occur due to this reason.

For Windows:

  1. Go to Settings.

    Finding Network and Security to handle ticketmaster error code u001
    Settings on Windows
  2. Navigate to Network and Internet.

    selecting Network & Internet
    Network & Internet
  3. Click VPN.

    turning off vpn to remove ticketmaster error code u001
    VPN Settings
  4. Turn off any connected VPN.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Connections.

    Android Settings
    Settings on Android
  3. Navigate to More Connection Settings.

    disconnecting vpn to avoid errors
    More Connection Settings
  4. Select VPN and Disconnect it.

    Select More connection settings
    VPN Settings on Android


  1. Go to Settings.

     for ticketmaster error code u00, we navigate to VPN connections
    iPhone Settings
  2. Select General.

    finding vpn settings
    General in iPhone Settings
  3. Navigate to VPN & Device Management.

    disabling VPN in order to fix the error
    VPN Settings on iPhone
  4. Disconnect your VPN.

Contact Customer Support

If your problem still persists, you should directly contact Ticketmaster support. You can submit a request from their website, but a faster approach is to tag them on Twitter. Users have reported a much faster response this way.

Prevention Guidelines

Making sure the problem does not occur again is as significant as solving it in the first place. We’ve given below some insights on how to make sure the error is not reoccurring and you’re not being inconvenienced repetitively.

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable and fast enough to make payments and process a purchase.
  • Book tickets at odd times so website traffic can be avoided. This way you face fewer glitches and can easily book tickets.
  • Check the Ticketmaster server’s functionality before going ahead with the booking process. If they’re down, this will save you the time and effort with which you can try again later,
  • Make sure to book tickets ahead of time. At times you can face errors for trying to book pre-booked tickets.
  • Make sure your Ticketmaster app is updated. If you’re using a browser, make sure the browser is updated and there are no cookies interfering with the website.
  • Disconnect your VPN while booking tickets as websites tend to block VPN users.

Final Words

Booking tickets for a show is definitely a very stressful task which is made even more troublesome by these errors. Hopefully at least one of these solutions has been worth your while today, but more importantly, the prevention guidelines given above should help you not face this problem again.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to completely get you comfortably settled with this issue before you head your way back to resume your booking on Ticketmaster.

Why do I get an error code on Ticketmaster?

The main causes of error codes on Ticketmaster are bad internet connections, corrupted cache, browser extensions, or problems with payment methods.

Why is Ticketmaster not letting me in?

Usually, this happens when you’re surfing through the website too quickly for the website to keep in touch with you. It could also happen if you have disabled any required cookies or have disabled javascript from running. In order to fix this navigate to the Clear cookies and Cache page.

Why is my Ticketmaster not working?

This usually happens if your internet connection is unstable. You can check your internet connection here to figure out if it’s the speed that’s not compatible or if your connection is being blocked by an antivirus or firewall. If your internet connection is fine, try this solution to fix blockage by antivirus.

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