Puget Lakes Error MW2 [FIXED]

Ultimate Guide On How To Fix The Puget Lakes error MW2

Are you an avid Modern Warfare II fan but your gaming experience keeps getting interrupted by the Puget Lakes error MW2? This error came to light with the introduction of Modern Warfare II and since then, has been a source of annoyance for players out there. If you are one such player, the solutions in this article will help you tackle this error and continue your gaming seamlessly.

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Why does Puget Lakes error MW2 occur?

Simply put, the reason behind this error is the overcrowding of the system. This happens when many players try signing in and out simultaneously in a relatively short time. This leads to the server restricting entries until the burden reduces.

Ways to fix Puget Lakes error MW2

Despite the error being on the server’s end, there are several steps players can take to solve the error and resume their game.

Give it some time

Since this error is not from the user’s end, it is often times best to wait for a few minutes and let the server resolve the error itself. Grab some water, walk around, and come back to check your game after a while!

Check and restart your internet

To check your internet connection, log on to or any other internet bandwidth checker. This can help you identify if your internet might be the issue. In that case, restart your internet or try contacting your internet service provider if the problem persists.

Check the MW2 server status

To check the status of the server, follow these steps:

  1. Simply type “MW2 server status” in your search engine or go to
  2. Choose Modern Warfare II in the drop-down menu.
  3. The website will show you the server status and the potential steps to fix the issue you’re facing.

    You can check if the server is down on the Activision website.
    Checking the server status on the Activision website.

Restart the game entirely

Another option to remove the Puget Lakes error MW2 is that you restart your console and log into MW2 again.

Restart your PC

The tabs and applications open on your PC might be the culprit affecting your gaming. So, another simple step can be to restart your PC.

Update your console/PC

An outdated version of your console can increase the chances of the error occurring. If this could be the case, installing the latest version of the console can help you prevent Puget Lakes’ error MW2.

Clear cache/memory of your PC

Clear your cache to solve the Puget Lakes error MW2 error
Discarding the cache files in the storage settings.

Follow the steps below to clear the cache from your PC on Windows 10/11

Via Storage Settings

  1. Type “storage settings” in your desktop taskbar and click on the option.
  2. Click on the option of “Temporary files“.
  3. Select the file categories you wish to delete and then click “Remove files”. (Remember to be careful as you do not want to remove your important files).

Via Run Application

Another method of removing cache files is using the Run command as follows:
Press the “Windows” and “R” keys on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Run Command box.

  1. Type “temp” in the command box and click “Ok”.
  2. Then select all the files and click “Delete“.
  3. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Run Command box again.
  4. This time, type “%temp%” in the Command Box and delete all the files that appear.

This way you will be able to remove the cache files from your computer.

Report the Puget Lakes error MW2 to Activision

You can also report the error to the game company by seeking support at this link.

Reporting the Puget Lakes error MW2 on the server's website.
Get the help you need on the Activision website.


While the Puget Lakes error MW2 may be hard to fix on the user’s end due to their lack of control over the overcrowding of the system, the above-mentioned steps are useful for gamers to confirm that their own system is not responsible for the error.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many FAQs when it comes to errors in MW2, we have covered the most important ones.

Which consoles does Puget Lakes error MW2 occur in?

The error does not have a link to any particular console. However, as mentioned in the article above, outdated versions have a higher tendency to experience the error which can be avoided by keeping the most recent version of the game and the console.

How do you know when the MW2 server is down?

The status of the server can be checked on the Activision website. The steps to do so are mentioned under the heading: “Check the MW2 server status” in this article.

Do all players experience the Puget Lakes error MW2?

Since the error occurs due to the number of players exceeding the capacity of the server, we can assume that many other players trying to log in might also experience the error.

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