Dota 2 Error 7 – [Explained & Fixed]

Overcome Dota 2 Error 7 With This Complete Solution Guide

Dota 2 Error 7 refers to a hindrance that arises when the players are unable to purchase the items of their choice in Dota 2 or are unable to claim their rewards.

The Valve has handed away free Dota 2 battle passes and an Arcana which caused quite the commotion. Hundreds and thousands of Dota 2 players flooded the servers to get their latest rewards. Claiming your Swag Bag in Dota 2 is no easy feat. However, some players indeed were able to claim them. While the rest were locked out of the redemption page.

Dota 2 Error 7
Claim Failed Error Message

If you encountered this message “Claim Failed, Unknown Error (Error 7)” while trying to unlock and claim your rewards then you are not the only one. This looks like a server-wide error so continue reading.


  • This is primarily a waiting game as this error is caused due to server-related issues. This means that the player can’t help fix it. You will have to wait for Valve to figure out a fix for this Dota 2 error. While you wait, you can try the following fixes.
  • Restart your PC/Console – This is a classic troubleshooting method. It is primarily known to resolve temporary glitches and conflicts that may cause errors or issues.
  • Restart your Internet Router – Check your internet connection and then try restarting your internet router as it can refresh the network connection. The steps to do this are detailed in this guide, so follow them carefully.
  • Check Dota 2 Swag Server Status – You can use third-party websites such as Downdetector, visit the official Dota 2 website, and social media accounts. Or you can also use community forums like Reddit and Quora.
  • Contact Dota 2 Support – If you keep encountering error 7 despite following the above solutions, it is best to contact Dota 2 support. You can get specific guidance this way.

Main Cause of Dota 2 Error 7

This error is mainly caused due to server-related technical issues on Valve’s end. This means that players do not have a fault for this error occurring. Plus, they have no option other than waiting until their team resolves this issue. Once this technical fault is fixed, players can easily claim their rewards in no time.

In short, unlike other Dota 2 errors, the players themselves cannot fix this error. As it is a server-side error. So, if you do stumble upon this error and it is persistent then this guide is for you. You will need to wait for Valve to figure out a fix for it. However, in the meantime, you can try out some of the following fixes.

How to Fix the Dota 2 Error 7

To claim your gifts without any hiccups, you will have to wait for Dota 2’s technical team to fix the servers. But as you wait, you can try the following listed solutions.

Restart your PC/Console

While restarting your PC or Console might help solve the issue momentarily, it is not a preventative measure to avoid triggering this error in the future. This is an age-old method. It is primarily known to resolve temporary glitches and conflicts that may be causing this Dota 2 Error 7.

Restarting PC
Restart your PC

This is one of the most important troubleshooting steps. So, after restarting, launch Dota 2 again to see if the error is still present. If it is then you can proceed with additional troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Restart your Internet Router

Firstly, check your internet connection by checking its bandwidth. To improve the connectivity you can then try restarting your internet router as a troubleshooting step. Restarting it can refresh the network connection. Plus, it can help resolve some temporary connectivity problems present. Here are the steps for restarting your internet router:

  1. Locate your internet router, and find it. It is usually a box-shaped device typically provided by your internet service provider (ISP) and is connected to your modem.
  2. Now power off the router by finding the power button or the power cord on the router. Turn it off and if there is no power button present then simply unplug the power cord from the router.
  3. This is an optional step. If you have a separate modem then you need to unplug its power cord as well. This will help ensure a full restart.
  4. Wait for 1-2 minutes after disconnecting from power. This wait allows time for any residual power to disappear and leave thus allowing for a clean restart.
  5. Now you can reconnect the router and the modem. Do this by plugging the power cord back into the router and the modem (which is optional). Wait for all lights on the router to become stable as it is a sign that the restart procedure has ended.
  6. Finally, test the internet connection on your device to ensure that it is working properly.
  7. Launch Dota 2 again on your PC or Console and check if Error 7 is gone. If not then proceed to the next fix.
Internet router
Restart internet router

Check Dota 2 Swag Server Status

Try using third-party websites to check the server status. They provide real-time server status information for various online games which includes Dota 2. You can do this easily by searching the server status on your browser, it will lead you to various websites. Choose Downdetector and click on it. It may offer insights from player reports or monitor the server status. Check Dota 2 server status

Check Dota 2 Server Status by visiting the official Dota 2 website.  You can go to the news section and look for any recent updates or announcements related to its server status. The developers sometimes provide information regarding downtime, maintenance period, or any ongoing issues. Plus, you can check the official social media accounts for Dota 2 such as Twitter for updates.

Moreover, you can try consulting community forums like Reddit and Quora. Visit relevant subreddits to see if other players are reporting any server-related problems. Players often come to such forums to share their experiences and discuss server status. However, it is best to check official sources or trusted platforms for up-to-date information. This is because server statuses tend to frequently change.

Contact Dota 2 Support

Use this as the last resort. If you keep encountering error 7 despite following the above solutions. Then, it is best to contact Dota 2 support. They will be able to provide guidance tailored to your specific situation. Also, they can investigate any account-related or technical problems that might be leading to this Dota 2 error 7.

Dota 2 Error 7
Contact Dota 2 Support

How to Prevent the Dota 2 Error 7

To make sure this error doesn’t hinder your gaming experience again, follow these preventative measures:

  • Try to keep Dota 2 updated. As frequent updates make sure that you have the latest bug fixes and improvements available. This leads to a much more stable gaming experience.
  • Verify the game cache integrity of Dota 2’s game files through Steam. This will ensure that the game files are not corrupted and are complete.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection, as a reliable connection helps prevent any interruptions or network-related issues.
  • Try to disable VPN or proxies so it doesn’t interfere with Dota 2’s connectivity and cause errors.
  • Install firewall and antivirus software and set up exceptions that allow for Dota 2 and Steam connections.
  • Try to optimize and monitor the network settings. You can do this by optimizing router configurations for a better and smooth online gaming experience.
  • Keep your system drivers updated. You should update graphics card drivers and other system drivers for compatibility and performance.
  • Keep background processes at a minimum. You can do this by closing all unnecessary applications to free up space and system resources for better gameplay.

Following these preventive measures can lessen the possibility of triggering Dota 2 Error 7. You’ll be able to enjoy uninterrupted and smoother gameplay.

Final Words

In conclusion, Dota 2 Error 7 can be annoying but with the right fixes, you can overcome it and get back to enjoying your gaming experience. This comprehensive article has provided you with detailed explanations and solutions to help you resolve this issue in Dota 2. Good luck! 


There are many FAQs when it comes to this sort of error, so we made sure to answer the most important ones.

Why can’t I claim Arcana Dota 2?

You should try restarting the game or restarting your internet router for a better internet connection. But, if you are extremely restless then just select the Arcana item of your choice and click the claim button. Keep repeating this process until you see a prompt stating “You have earned an item” instead of an error message.

How to remove the VAC ban in Dota 2?

These VAC bans are permanent and non-negotiable, thus they can not be removed by Steam support. If a VAC ban has been issued inappropriately it will get removed automatically. So, do not fret as incorrectly placed VAC bans will disappear on their own.

What is corrupted Dota 2?

A corrupted Dota 2 item refers to an item that has a Foulfell shard slotted in it. This is a statistic tracking gem that keeps score of your demon kills. When you kill certain classified demons in the game while being equipped with a corrupted item, your kills will get tracked.

Is a VAC ban worse than a Game ban?

The only difference is that you are still able to play casual games with a game ban. But in the case of a VAC ban, you can only play with bots. So it is up to you to decide which is worse while considering this difference.

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