Hulu Error Code P-DEV313 [7 Verified Solutions + Sources]

Fixing the Hulu Error Code P-DEV313 can be done by relaunching the application, restarting the device and router, updating the Hulu app, trying another network, and using a different browser.

When the Hulu shows the error code P-DEV313, you will not be able to stream any content and this can ruin your streaming plans. In some cases, the service shows the error rightly after opening it or just playing a show or movie, whereas, at other times, the error occurs on a particular type (e.g., movies) of the content.

Hulu Error Code P-DEV313
Hulu Error Code P-DEV313

The error is reported on all Hulu-supported platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Macs, consoles, streaming sticks, TVs, browsers, etc., even on Tesla cars. An insult to the injury is that the commercials may play but not the show or movie.

Troubleshooting Prerequisites

Before delving into complex solutions to resolve the error, ensure you have the fundamentals in place.

That’s it for the prerequisites! Time to dive into the solutions.

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Relaunch The Hulu App After Force Closing it

Hulu will show a P-DEV313 error if app modules are stuck in an operation loop. To fix this, relaunch the Hulu app after force closing it.

To do so on an Android device:

  1. Open the App Switcher menu and swipe up on Hulu.
  2. Go to Settings > Applications > Hulu.
  3. Force Stop the app and clear its cache in storage.

    Clear the Cache of the Hulu App
    Clear the Cache of the Hulu App
  4. Launch Hulu and check if it is working correctly.

We got this temporary fix from Reddit. User hawk_ky expressed their frustration regarding the issue while explaining their workaround.

Restart The Device And Router

You will get the dev error at hand if a communication malfunction between the device and router has occurred. Here, restarting the device and router will solve the problem.

  1. Power off your device through its menu and power off the router.
  2. Unplug their power cables and plug them back these after 5 minutes.

    Unplug the Router's Power Cable In Order To Fix The Hulu Error Code P-DEV313
    Unplug the Router’s Power Cable
  3. Turn on the router and once its status lights get stable, power on the device.
  4. Launch Hulu and verify if it is clear of the P-DEV313.

This fix was taken from the Samsung community forums. User LongHiker said “We had a similar issue with a different brand TV. Could navigate menus but trying to watch video ended in a black screen or scrambled video. No error codes. Disconnecting the TV from the AC for a couple of minutes resolved the mystery issue.”

Update The Hulu App, Device’s OS, and Browser

The outdated Hulu app or browser will not be compatible with a device missing the latest OS patches. This will lead to the Hulu error at hand. This can be fixed by updating each of these to the respective latest builds.

Update The Hulu App

  1. Launch the respective store (Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc.) and search for Hulu.
  2. Open it and tap on Update (if available).

    Update the Hulu App to the Latest Build
    Update the Hulu App to the Latest Build
  3. Restart the device and launch Hulu. See if it is operating properly.

Update The Device’s OS

To update an iOS device:

  1. Go to the iOS device Settings > General > Software Update.

    Update Software on the iPhone
    Update Software on the iPhone
  2. Install the available update and restart the phone.
  3. Launch Hulu and see if it is working correctly.

Update The Browser

To update Chrome:

  1. Open the Chrome menu and go to Help > About Google Chrome.

    Update Google Chrome
    Update Google Chrome
  2. Let the update install and click on Relaunch.
  3. Go to the Hulu website and see if the error is gone.

User VinCubed from Reddit suggested this fix. They updated their phone, and the error went away.

Try Another Network Or Disable The VPN

If your ISP restricts Hulu’s access to an essential online module, the app will stop playing the content with the dev error code. Additionally, the steaming service keeps on blocking traffic from known VPN locations and this can also result in the P-DEV313 error.

In this scenario, trying another network or disabling your VPN will rectify the issue.

Disable VPN

If you have a 3rd party app to connect to a VPN, open it and tap Disconnect. To disable VPN on iPhone through Settings:

  1. Launch the iPhone Settings and go to General > VPN.
  2. Disable the VPN and restart the iPhone.

    Disable VPN on the iPhone
    Disable VPN on the iPhone
  3. Launch Hulu and verify if the error is fixed.

We got this fix from Hulu’s community forums. Cosmonaut1961 explained how they were facing the error, and it went away after they disconnected their VPN.

Try Another Network

  1. Remove your device from the current network and reboot it.

    Enable the Phone's Hotspot
    Enable the Phone’s Hotspot
  2. Add another network (e.g., a phone’s hotspot) to the device and launch Hulu. Check if it is playing correctly.

Reddit user war_with_penguins exclaimed that after using a different network connection, the error resolved itself after some time.

Reinstall The Hulu App

Error code P-DEV313 will occur on Hulu if the app’s core modules get damaged when installing the latest update. In such a case, reinstalling the Hulu app will do the trick.

You can reinstall any application on any platform by reading our detailed guide on it, written by our tech expert, Talha Saeed.

We got this solution from a Reddit thread. User chucktownbound posted it, and boasted that it worked for them.

Reset The Router To The Factory Defaults

The issue might occur if the router’s firmware gets damaged and it is not able to correctly pass the web traffic between your device and Hulu servers. In this case, resetting the router to the factory defaults will resolve the issue.

Before going ahead, remember to back up or note down the info that you may need to reconfigure the router after resetting it.

  1. Press and hold the router’s reset button. You may need a sharp-edge object (like a paper pin) to do so.

    Reset the Router to the Factory Defaults
    Reset the Router to the Factory Defaults
  2. Release the button after 30 seconds or if the router restarts.
  3. Once the router’s lights get stable, configure it as per the OEM requirements and connect your device to the router (wired or wirelessly).
  4. Launch Hulu and confirm if it is clear of the dev error.

This solution was taken from community forums for Hulu. User beeznuts posted the solution and ended up solving the problem.

Browser-Specific Solutions

If a browser is showing the P-DEV313 error on Hulu, then many of the browser issues can cause the issue. Let’s go through these one by one.

Try Incognito Or InPrivate Mode

  1. Open the browser and open its menu.
  2. Select New Incognito Window or New InPrivate Window.
    Open New Incognito Window in Chrome
    Open New Incognito Window in Chrome
  3. Go to the Hulu website and log in. See if the error does not reappear. If so, then either an extension or browser cache/cookies are creating the issue. If the error occurs even in incognito mode, then the browser might not be compatible with Hulu at this moment.

This solution was taken from Reddit. User ramdash1985 posted the elaborate solution.

Disable Browser Extensions Or Addons

To do so on Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome and open its Extensions menu.
  2. Open Manage Extensions and disable every extension.

    Disable Extensions on Chrome
  3. Relaunch the browser and go to the Hulu website. See if you can play the required content without triggering the error.

Clear Browser Cache And Data

Before going ahead, back up the data (such as website logins) that may be required. To do so on any browser, you can check out our detailed guide on how to clear cache and cookies. The guide is written by our tech genius, Shaheer Asif.

Try Another Browser

  1. Launch another browser and go to the Hulu website. If no other browser is present, you may install one. If the issue is occurring on Chromium-based browsers (such as Chrome and Edge), you may try non-Chromium-based browsers (e.g., Safari or Firefox).

    Open Hulu in Firefox to fix the Hulu Error Code P-DEV313
    Open Hulu in Firefox
  2. Log into the website and play a required show. See if it plays without showing the dev error.

If the issue persists, try Hulu on another device with another account. If the error occurs on the other account or other device, you may contact Hulu Support for further troubleshooting.

We got this fix from Hulu’s community forums. The fix was posted by pugman. They said “When I switched browsers from Brave to Chrome it played back normally. Apparently using Brave gets the error code P-DEV 313. Try using a different browser.”

Final Words

We hope we helped you solve this frustrating error. We are aware of how annoying the error can be and we guarantee after following all our solutions the error will be gone!

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